best burger birmingham

Why we have the Best Burgers in Birmingham?


We know, you’ve always wondered how Uburger burgers and wraps are so tasty? We’ve concocted for you a list of our secrets which makes Uburger just unique!


#1 We use quality meat

We all know how important is meat in a good burger. Therefore, we’ve thought twice before making the right decision for which meat suppliers to choose. We use meat that is 100% pure beefand  non- stunned HMC approved.


#2 We use tasty buns

We offer a range of buns that are just mouthwatering. From the simple 4″ used for cheeseburgers or double cheeseburgers to the Mega buns 6″ used for our Mega cheese, the combination of meat, cheese, sauce and the bun will make it incredibly succulent.


#3 We use crazy sauces

Good tasty sauce is just a MUST in a good burger or a wrap. We use a range of finger licking sauces that will make you forget about standard Chili / Mayo…

To name a only a few, we offer:

  • Algerian sauce
  • Burger Sauce
  • Andalus Sauce
  • Samurai Sauce
  • Pepper Sauce
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Chili Thai Sauce
  • Rasta Sauce
  • Hummer Sauce
  • and many others

The most popular being the Algerian Sauce, a dark orange spicy sauce with tiny onion bits that makes it unforgettable…